Fan trailer for Jim Butcher’s new book

The acting could be a bit better — I’ve never imagined Mab as having a Transylvanian accent, and Harry seems just a bit too short and young — but it is a low budget fan production after all. I kind of wish more authors would create trailers for their books, it strikes me as a decent way of getting the word out.

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Without a Parachute

The farms and grasslands were spread out below him, and ice capped mountains shimmered in the far distance. Wonder at the panorama left room for only one small regret: telling his wife two hours earlier, “What could go wrong?”

For the few seconds he had left, he was glad to be alive.

Flash fiction: complete stories in 55 words, including title.

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And we are live! Again!

I finally got fed up with GoDaddy as my hosting provider, and have now switched to Arvixe. Since I was moving, I figured the site should become a tad more interesting. I was going for “steampunk horror” without resorting to the much overused gears-and-industry motif. I think I did a reasonably good job, if I do say so myself.

And by an odd coincidence, that is the genre of the novel I’ve been working on! I will be posting more about The Longest Night later on, so check back every week or so.

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