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Commenting is encouraged! To avoid misunderstandings, though, please read this comment policy. If you would like to make polite suggestions about the policy, you may do so in the page comments.


Quantum Dimensions is a safe space. Comments deemed to be racist, sexist, homophobic, lookist or otherwise inappropriate will be deleted.

No threats or creepy behavior. Anyone who gives even the appearance of making legitimate threats, who uses my blog to stalk others, or who otherwise engages in anti-social behavior while here, will be banned and their information may be turned over to the appropriate authorities.


My sandbox; my rules. I reserve the right to decide which comments are removed and which are allowed to stay.

First-time comments will be moderated. The first time someone posts, their comment will be held for moderation. Once it is approved, you shouldn’t have any trouble posting again if you use the same name and email.

Comments may contain one link. All comments with two or more links will be held for moderation. Nothing personal: this is to help block spam. And if your link is spam? Don’t.

I use anti-spam software. It should be rare, but it may happen that your comment gets dropped into spam prison. I keep my eyes open for that and will spring anything that seems legit as soon as I can. Please be patient.


Be respectful of people’s privacy. Do not post personal email addresses, smail addresses, telephone numbers or other such information, not even your own. If a person posts using an alias, please do not post their meatspace identity.

I will be respectful of your privacy. Except as noted above or as required by court order, I will not sell, share, distribute, give away, fold, staple, mutilate or otherwise mishandle your information.


A name and email address are required to post. We know it is annoying, but this helps to cut down on the spam. Sorry.

Pingbacks and trackbacks are disabled. In my experience, they end up causing more problems than they are worth.

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