My panelist schedule for Sasquan (Worldcon 73)

I am very excited to be a panelist at my first Worldcon! It’s in Spokane this year, August 19 through 23. If you are there, stop in to the panels I will be on.

Edit: I’ve been added to the Future Pharma panel.

Thu 11:00
Future Pharma

How will biotechnology and genome research revolutionize pharmaceuticals? How can biotech be better integrated into fiction? This panel will help provide an understanding of the diversity of contemporary and theoretical pharmaceuticals and how biotechnological breakthroughs can help move a plot along.

Heather Rose Jones, Peter Charron, Barry Gold, Gregory Gadow

Thu 13:00
Anatomy of a Pandemic

Pandemics make frequent appearances in SF. But are what we read in books or see on the screen anything like real pandemics? The world just experienced the Ebola pandemic. The panel will discuss how real pandemics are likely to play out, and how that compares with their depiction in fiction.

Sam Scheiner, Dominick D’Aunno, Gregory Gadow, Perrianne Lurie

Thu 20:00
Bays 111B
Exploring Orientation and Gender in Fiction

Fiction has evolved from presenting all characters born with a specific gender and sexual orientation to presenting a broad spectrum of genders and sexual orientations. What are some of the early works to explore these areas? Who are some of the best authors exploring them now? Does the gender/orientation of the author matter?

Catherynne M. Valente, Julia Smith, Heather Rose Jones, Gregory Gadow, Ctein

Fri 15:00
Blinded by Pseudoscience

More information is available to you today than at any time in human history. But how can you tell which information is reliable? Pseudoscientific claims have always been around, but they have even more traction in the Age of the Internet. How can you distinguish legitimate science from pseudoscience? What are some of the major pseudoscience memes circulating today? What, if anything can we do about them?

Sam Scheiner, Janet Freeman-Daily, Gregory Gadow, G. David Nordley, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro

Sat 10:00
Spokane Falls Suite A/B
Your First Worldcon? Welcome to the Science Fiction Community

An orientation seminar for new Worldcon goers on what the con is about and what to do this weekend to make the most of it. Have fun!

Gay Haldeman, Jeanne Mealy, Gregory Gadow

Sat 14:00
Bays 111C
How Can We Make Fandom More Welcoming and Inclusive?

More and more people read SF, watch SF movies, game and costume all the time. What can we do to make fandom, clubs & conventions more welcoming to all kinds of people?

Gregory Gadow, Karen G. Anderson, Ctein, Jeanne Mealy

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