A few updates

I’ve not been very good about blogging, so let me update.

The Longest Night trilogy has been put on the back burner for now. The worldbuilding will not go to waste, however: I have started work on a stand-alone novel, Shadows of the Mind, which could become first in an open series. The book tells of Gaius Meriwether, a junior clerk with the law firm Lewis & Poe, and how gets involved in an organization that tracks down and destroys the knowledge of how to summon creatures from the Outer Darkness. The story was originally intended as a follow-up to the trilogy, tying up a planned loose end. I’m a few chapters in, and feeling much more confident about this story. More about that later.

I haven’t been particularly active in the job search, so I am still in quasi-retirement. At first it was to focus on my writing, but when I started looking at what was available, I realized that my skill set was not exactly up to the task. So I started, and recently completed, a certification course in Ruby on Rails offered by the University of Washington. I have also started classes at Seattle Central, with an eye towards transferring to the UW and getting a bachelor’s degree: I have an AA in mathematics, but my effort at getting a BA (mumble) years ago fell through because of financial difficulties. The last time I sought employment in technology was during the Dot Net boom, when having a four year degree meant that you had wasted your most productive years; alas, that is no longer the case. If a good job offer comes up, I will drop the school plans, but until then, I will be furthering my education.

I will be returning to the Norwescon convention committee for 2016, as both lead for the Biological Sciences Track and as head of Stage Management. I have also been re-elected to the Guest of Honor Selection Committee, which means I will be one of the folks choosing the guests of honor for Norwescon 40 in 2017.

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