My panelist schedule for Norwescon 38

I am head of Stage Management this year and I am editor/publisher for the Daily Zine, so when you catch a glimpse of me running around with a panicked look on my face, you will know why. Fortunately, I will get the chance to sit and catch my breath on a couple of panels. If you are going to be at Norwescon this year, stop in and say Hi.

Fri 11:00
Cascade 10
Invisible Disabilities

Not every disability is apparent at a glance, nor is anyone’s personal health anyone else’s business. From mental illness to chronic disease to a variety of syndromes and impairments too lengthy to list, we’ll discuss the difficulties of living with chronic health conditions, the stigmas associated, what progress has (or hasn’t) been made in reforming public perception, and strategies on getting other people to mind their own blasted business.

Sar Surmick, Maida ‘Mac’ Combs, Luna Lindsey, Gregory Gadow, Lilith von Fraumench, Christina Coonradt

Fri 21:00
Cascade 12
The Languages of Speculative Fiction

As a part of their world building, some SFF writers create new languages. Most are used as naming languages or to flavor insults and courtesies; a small few become entities themselves, with thousands of speakers and an impressive body of translated and original literature. Join us as we discuss what is involved in creating your own language, and how much work is needed to get the results you want.

Gregory Gadow, David J. Peterson, Kurt Cagle, Eva Phoenix, Nina Post

Sat 10:00
Cascade 3 & 4
Blinded by Pseudoscience

From miraculous cures being suppressed by Big Pharma to proof that the earth is actually flat, charlatans and con men have been pushing nonsense for centuries in the hope of parting the credulous from their cash. Join our panelists as they discuss pseudoscience, its impact on society and how you can tell good science from bad.

Gregory Gadow, Janet Freeman-Daily, Dr. Ricky, DameRuth, Vickie Bligh

Sat 21:00
Cascade 3 & 4
Ethics of Animal Experimentation

There are many reasons to conduct tests on animals when developing new drugs, surgical procedures and medical technology. But are they good reasons?

Gregory Gadow, Jake McKinzie, Misty Marshall

Sun 11:00
Cascade 3 & 4
QUILTBAG: Not Your Mother’s Queer Acronym

There’s more to queer culture than just those things the letters usually cited “LGBT” stand for. In addition to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transexual identities, there are others, like Intersex, GenderQueer, Asexual. Some of these identities have been drastically under-represented in Queer discussions. Come find out more. NOTE: We have a “no outing” policy toward sexual identities. Make sure if you’re identifying someone else that you have their permission. Or better yet, just don’t do it.

Gregory Gadow, Sar Surmick, Lilith von Fraumench, Sheye Anne Blaze

Norwescon is one of the largest fan-run and fan-managed science fiction and fantasy convention in the United States. It is held in SeaTac, Washington.

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