UPDATED! My panelist schedule for Detcon

I will be at Detcon 1 from July 17 through July 20. I’ve even been given panels! My final (for the moment) schedule is:

Fri 15:00
Ambassador Salon 2
Current Voices: LGBT Authors & Artists

Our panelists discuss and recommend recent science fiction and fantasy from LGBT creators.

Mark Oshiro, Gregory Gadow, Jacqueline Carey, Traci Castleberry, Claire Humphrey

Fri 16:00
Nicolet A
Who Lives & How: SF Potential in Medical Ethics

Genetic manipulation is only just beginning to challenge our understanding of medial ethics. What potential science fiction themes and stories arise from these circumstances? What SF authors and works have already begun to address the questions of genetic manipulation and medical ethics?

Gregory Gadow, Ron Collins, Peter Halasz, Mel. White, Laurie Gailunas, Cliff Winnig

Fri 21:00
Nicolet A
Humorous Tech Anecdotes

Our panelists relate funny things that have happened in Science and Tech related fields (but you’re really happy they didn’t happen to you!). Warning: you may be sore from laughter after this panel.

David Ifverson, Clark B. Wierda, Todd R. Johnson, Gregory Gadow

Sat 13:00
Mackinac West
Sexuality and SFF

Science fiction and fantasy are genres with great opportunities to explore ideas and concepts without the constraints of current reality. How have these genres explored the complex and multifaceted subject of human sexuality?

Gregory Gadow, Mark Oshiro, Bernadette Bosky, Leah Bobet, Traci Castleberry, David Sklar

Sun 10:00
Ambassador Salon 1

Our panelist indulge their penchant for “oh, come ON!” in discussing the science, pseudo-science, and outright balonium in recent SF, whether in print, media, comics, or wherever!

Donna Waltz, Lee Billings, Rich Lynch, Marta Savage, Gregory Gadow

NASFiC is held in North America only in years when Worldcon is held elsewhere. Since Worldcon is in London this year, a NASFiC is taking place.

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